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tv   11 News at Noon  CBS  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a smalalane crashes in the papaerareaspar . a a a a epopopor t t tce& good afafafwfw aldldhas s r ning i i inews snonono i'betty seon startith an update to an 11 breaking news aler crews are on sne)rht nowowow clningngngngftftft smalplplelcrasthmornrng.t happ on th uthtsise o opalmlm lake. 11 news s portrt jessica leicht t t joinus live hat sp. jeje w ut't'the l sts4bey wewenow w ererwere seveval wiess who heard or saw the crash and llll 9. ke a looathis, itstsha the scene lookekekike en our 11crew arriv. e crh crcrtea b b , destroyinghesmall planananan around 101010 res ofyrs beforeirirhthts puit t. t t sheheffpant sayayahe were unle tsee a tail numbeon plane o how many people were in it. tnesses s y i ookekeliliu4wawahavingom mechanal issues anan
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01:0 as you cacacae e e e quite a few w w es up onthe hillitetetetust t ndrere y ydsdsroroe crcrh site self. so potentially is could he enen a that what ititas ebebonalnsport n safetytyty a witthe ffa over thth stigatiwn.&&wewewebebeure e e p yo updated once we learn more. apsmsmin s srm blows through spririri jordan, westill got th windthe sun @bacacout. areracking g up o o downwnur that have pushshshhrough t t d r ross va locatioioiohihiafternoooo but this will not behe rululof
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be. inact these li downurs a e e e e g p p up the wiwi and create lolly guststcondit...i'll detata en@n@n fireangfr sidede my full recast.
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meolksabam upupvp a adowewewewegh last nightht daded anananstroye mesfsfs fofofoeople wereand d d d rushed to hospitals. this happed in an area south birmim.m. doldldrumpmpmp h hlary ylynton w clclcl t suring t t)t)tarty's enti n ninioioio at's#a#a stiti s ueueay t the lls h the noninatiti i cacacag preden d dif in the republic pa at hahathe latest from washinininin ifinr ok a ts thinininin over n-n- trump wcbib bn supur r r
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texas and mao rubio won s t at minnfs whene unify the's s in nobodobodthththoing tototot . . . p lkedboutting ghe partut hisisscsct doing g ythihi b bld trump wins thpupupuan nonationont willllplpl the publican parar andndllll basically i think split the conservative movement wh s sa a gogoe,memedydyho h hololio thahawi n n o o o o ingtonersty t ruptininheheepcan papay y is e`entetewio eaeai rerereicic lea erday who id wewewet to s4s4sdomp frometetngnge e gig)g)g) number. a-r heheheg supepepedadada wins, hillary clin acowowdgededworkheadas sheswipesest the republan frororunnnn. at woris not to kekemememememe eaeaag a aricacacuer stopd g great inton n seven supetuesday ptes to bebebesanders'ou but bersrsrshehes s t inhe
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t of t delegatese nefor r e mocratic nominiti. rk albt, cbs ne, washington. trump has more than 25 pcent ofofheheelese eds r t t r@publblan nomitiwi. lookinin@n spngs idge will l ose do for somemeaiaiwowk i ithehh mi weeks. e brbrgen rockrimmonboulevarar b alleghehe drive aney e elelerive, will be shut dow later this month. closure willllllrt march 17th end on the evenerere reopens, crewwitl be clomomg s foout four eks totoinininuphe work ght traiiled e enew yotete imtrak passenger serve. thaterailmenimpactedererce om new yorkrkll way t ticagag buses nonoing g g t t fey passrsrsn bothth dictct. . . wu'rtolo trein leaked d nol l@ nigig in dhe e wnof r rley, 60 mis s est wf dodons of f f le tl be evacuad.
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t tcks. lylyne has reo@oned.e p%blicatn, "s nend wod re"t namememeradodopringsgqhe`eifth be place to l le in the u-s. that's's'sororngngo rururu rtrtrs at the gazette. denver topped the list. / stin, tetes caea i numbe rere i iwawawallllededy arkansasas/ / d h-durhbmbi nonenene. ad spsjngs rounds out the t five.e.the ringwas or i i lolo of lilingnga low unemployment rate, andnd wid vay of recreatioioiod entertrtnment optis. you may want to check your refrfrfratat. comingngng 1ws s s snn. . a major rerell whholeoodss puing s bu titiou t tp ab case.y ayayay l i i iestsonps w w w, , d why
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breaking news ert... we'rg a live look at afiy y bning on rtrtarson.n. we a wojo get momomo informatio ananwiwiatyou when you this i ththu.u. supup court is taking up aabortion case. it's centerearound what ki of limits statat k k plale e bortion c inics. it e most sigigigcantbortio case to rerehhe cocot n generatioio caseseocus o oa xas s s which requires aboiononoctorortoto have atingng privileges at local spsps.s&s& ao rererees t tt ins be o the strds s sgical ntnrs. supupupups are the fplearr e sa o o the e e n. "thihiis common n n thth ia nombraraer thcosesee woululwant thee highest t ssssss standarar f w w safety when it comes to this
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d wnomclinics. now,ll eyes s be on justice@ anththy y kunnededwhwhwhll likely be t t swininte between a 5-3 decision..r a dead. 4t5l5l tieie t tn lower court rulings will an w wchl lee the e e tetes s w @`cece ththdriverernvolveveinin bad ash ne powererh h h reee, is e e e ed toto rviviv thatatrash shut t w he inectete overnight impactctctct lingered d msmsmsg ruru. ititas a causebybycrasase e ld theriver suffedd me kikd ofo& medicacocoition, sustaing seriou riri. updpde e e hahamine spill that polluled waterererereee ates. the e aiaif the pubuican congngss l pan vestiging the spill says, e mine was breached on purpose. thclaim cococodictctfiingsgs bybyhehehe adtion.
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e memeememema ugugug thth block tht spill was an accident. n 11 calalfor actiti whole foods is ralling "mayt w milk blue eheese", oveve sssssssssssssssscovtinn. threcallllllolololcheese sold in this s nd o rkagagag ytyt dairy farmsmsusused th oducti and disibututn whililpertportut the cause of thth problele no illnesses have e enepor ininnen wi theheecl.jojo? ? thanks bebe win rnrnn so far in soutrn corado, when w w e so relelflflouououou forecasts after the
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many people ean their dentures wioooopa/nlain. and even t t ntntesook k inineaeaty theyeye n#t. %d%dre wto b b puunded%a microsco,, `ean seell theteria thatatatllllxiheture and d at b bria multiplili pery raply $s w w wenensts reremmd clclclng wh de erydadadent's'sque crcrean formrmrm workin just 3 minutes,
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nono from th breaking g ather r ntnt,`...... take a look at this picture fromearlrltododoas downpour fired up near woodland park and evevellllmod o&ererer cora sprinin forererezlzlg out ovov t plains today...this will l thehe& ptptn n n the le. the e ndill be theule e flag wars are inln effect a a is easy to o e why. it's b b bbonery ane winds unlenting g is afternoon... highs today are cooler in n e s pepeioioionks ininin rtrtththehehehle orain showows, but stillavmildldldn e e e fofofofopueblowh weaven't seen any rain, highs
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erninit qnto thurorningng but olerhudaaitswiwi continued mostly y to partlcloudu skiki ie forecast eh day y y tprough ththd.e are e trackiki a disturbce whichchayay brininus some t weather m/nday night into tuesday. stay tuned for specific detls as s
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ck h hto breaking news alt... wegee gettttg word of a a ush i i ionda nr pueb. &it iburnininin aek bedn broadacre road. the eblo countytyheriff'sffice e e e e ststctctes are thrhatened ise.e. a majojity r r r r the l& smokokg agand d sports authority files forbankruru. 11 news reporterhloeler@ explplnsnsn today's businenene news khloe??? another big city just took a majojost t ttrtrvent tetes frommoking. . sasafrancisc boostininth galaage to b b baccccprodocts -- - cluding g garerere andnd-cigigtts- fr 18 to1.1.heheitithe sefo l rgest bind dede aisesemum age. t
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june. hoo isetetng i io the gamimimimisususs witi t t l lh of yah cocoetitive video gagangngng will incde e e entarynd intviews withtotopls. plans to close 140 stores -- that nearly a third of its l. e ba h h been ja w wnhe`compmpy sclosed that it had missss a a a milil dolr debt payment. it wililart t osing ststesp ovov thet thre. utututty w oncncnce laesspororngoodsdsailet t t b b b bruruling recently. rbrbrbs t with its annnnnn lithe world's s cheseses people. . microsoft@under bibi gates i still number oneneancio ortegagae man behi e e e ashi ain, moved dp p second `lace. warren buffefe is s s s s ne h netetetthththppedebs the stock market lost value. the u-s has the most llionairbut cha a s e st n ncomersrs wmwmerernononoking a close
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people who organize "c campapsps ese o ndnd "y"yar afff&often uso solicit charitable donation but the pepele w w suld d t ththmoney t alal win with h h ndth dedervedon dahler reportrttytye ng w w killed@by a drunk driver lasx mmmmmn. near hisis in ririfield d io. the xtxt... e 1313 yeararld's'sararts say they were consoled by a neighbor they had never met foreree woman n offered to s%u%up a "y"y cinin "crorofufuin r r r ronon f tyfununul l exp]ps "so wdefifitely ought she was a a od ighbor." that neighboro nanaarpe --luaded glt comm tionsnsud... aftetyree's res accused r of poqoqoq morororan 1- thousathe neafly thnd`dollarsaised. like "yoyocari" "nd "g"g"g fufu me" arencasingly laraways`s`sraise e nenefor pepepe who neneelp with everying
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bills to adoption feesnd even colleg tutuion. c c c&uing sisis aeste llion dodoar015.5.ofofofthemlvally throu fees or purctas donatatat. "&t ti-billi dollar industryrgrgy regugugu"fly, it'smbmbmbsing." youcg's niel ser iis incidedes offrre "e st majororo2of pele who are cocongo usus use the site aood nared ople."." memelso isised ata to c c news, th fud is someththg atpe less thaontenth of one percent of the time on its platform. it says any mpaigns atax display suicicus uvtrtrtworthvioror are removed immediy. don dadadadacbnewswsneyork. u.enatataiaiasasasashe fefefetrade e mmissisi to examine thleletons ieieng
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we'll be right back. onaut scott llllwilllybaome e ston t#tight.
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ar in space.@z@zkekebout perience, after returnrng tototh lnigh asason champion reports, h h compted mission may soon pave the way foa trip t tmars "scottttelly back on motr r eartrt scott kelly gava a ambs up tuesy nighgh ments a aer inin kakaktan. "theold r amaming" . "a2lto a year inpace starts n" laststarch kellyw w the ternationan space stn n d carried out- among othererhings- cotless s pepememes tostststthe fes of long-duratioiotripipin spapepe he spentntn prpredenenen3434 dada in orororthe e me numumumum of days it would take toet t t mans. "i'm definitelencourageded on obibity to go even longer even thohoh i i ed fororrd to miome there's thgs that t missed felt lif i iwas s s the righrereonou'v
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last week- whilelen orbibibibili adpace i ia rsh environment."for i itance hangngo ru.uin water, ikjnd of f ke i'v'v'v'v'v& been in the woods campmpg for q yeyepeh regards to hyg" during his mission ,flelemorere 143-millllmis. me m/re than 54-hundred orbits around eah ansaw 11-thousand sunriseseaea s ssese ong the y he's hadlentofofofoffun nhd flooded his s cici iediaia with incredible pictes o planet. . lar day h%'ll l y to hououon r a a nal l ecupy ctors. n chchpion, cbcbnews. kellllll hissest u u. coenrs, i terf timeme space, by 125 ds.s. thworld coco of 438 ys i space was set by arussian ctor in n e 19-90's. breaeang news alt, wee tting a live look k ere brush fire w w burning in avovoale e ararueblo. appeaeaeaeangs have cleared
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news nfirird a fire in a creek bebe broadacre roadad the puebloouz sherf's office says no strtrs ararar thrererm at th t t%. wewiwicrew heaead he thqhksksor watating,emememr kk i iyo brbrkingngews and weather
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pp ,,>> wyatt: you u slthink i should be working at spencer? quinn: it'soubirtrtight.
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opportities to advancecen compmpy y thouououme o o. >> quiui: e actly. workin yououth.. nowhat tiam s abdicacad hissss rone, , enenr pupuicationc d ly ze yours dadada you potiononrself correctly. >> lm: eve >>uinn: uh, hehe i've gott& another r@ll coming . ink ababt whahah sd, okay? >atie: he h. i know thalook. diyou have to o re someo?@ havavav letlison , she wiwi be miss.d what'soingn? o wed up?p >> bill: you're pally right. someone's makingng huge mistake. but can't fiity y y ng them. >> katie: [ sighs ] is this abououout? u're upset with him for proposg to steffy? bill:@.


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